"I bloody love this band, they play the best set." 

- Karlie, Effingham

"A brilliant night, I always go to see them when I'm in the area. One of the best pub bands around."

– Tessa, Bath
Based in Guildford, Surrey
Founded in 2013
Genre: #Contemporary #Classic #Rock #Pop
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Guilfest 2014
Guilfest 2014

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Malcolm Packer & Garry Pierrepont @ Guilfest 2014
Malcolm Packer & Garry Pierrepont @ Guilfest 2014

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Sir Douglas Haige - Effingham
Sir Douglas Haige - Effingham

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Guilfest 2014
Guilfest 2014

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Malcolm Packer – Vocals/ Guitar
Garry Pierrepont – Bass Guitar
Chris Friday- Drums
Val De Laurenzy– Lead Guitar

The Serial Thrillers were formed in summer 2013 by Malcolm Packer and Garry Pierrepont, who were emerging from the break-up of their previous band, MP5. The hunt for a drummer had a couple of hitches, but the band was ready to play its first gig on 23 August 2013, less than four weeks after coming together as a foursome. Chris Friday joined in late 2013, making his debut on 7 December, giving the band its first solid line-up with lead guitarist Alex Lawrence, who fitted straight into the mix.  Alex decided to leave the band at the end of 2015 and from then to March 2017 we had an array of guitarists until Val De Laurenzy joined us. Malcolm and Garry had payed with Val in MP5 and knew he was a solid player and just the guy for the job.

A highlight for The Serial Thrillers so far has been performing a set in the ACM Tent at Guilfest 2014 and the many festivals we've been lucky enough to play. Great fun.

If you're looking for a band to give you a cracking night of music and a bunch of thrills on the way, look no further than The Serial Thrillers. All killers, no fillers.


Contact The Serial Thrillers
Malcolm Packer
Telephone: 07827-258756